“As the CEO at Financial Decision Maker for 27 years, we have been focused on using ‘accelerated learning’ as a training methodology to create long-term retention and behavior change for learners. Designing effective learning has always been a more intuitive or ‘artistic’ exercise for me and my staff — educated guesswork. Working with JW Wilson and the Learning Code has changed all that.

For the first time, we understand and can systematically apply the science of effective learning to any training activity, exercise or debrief. The Learning Code replaces guesswork with a rigorous, intellectual system. For us, this work is both invigorating and a relief. It’s the most significant advance in the technology of learning that I’ve seen in twenty years.”

– Michael Higgins, CEO, Financial Decision Maker

“The Learning Code will do for training and learning what Deming’s work has done for manufacturing and systems design…completely change the paradigm!”

– Mark Jensen, CEO, Convention Television

“The Learning Code shines a light into the world of Adult Learning and Industrial Psychology. Suddenly we have a biological bases of how, why and what we learn. This new “hard” science gives us a grounded platform to analyze what works and what doesn’t work in Learning Design. We are very excited about the implementation of the Learning Code into our courses, as this new learning science aligns with and confirms our philosophy about how adults need to be treated in learning environments in order to create profound memory formation and behavioral change.”

– Evan Abbott, Director, Organizational Development and Learning
Mountain States Employers Council
America’s Largest Employer Association
Faculty, Regis University, College for Professional Studies

“I believe the science of the Learning Code will revolutionize what we are doing with our school districts, individual schools and teacher groups. I have been working in the educational space for 14 years and, going forward, we will not consult, train or develop content without mapping it against the Learning Code.

The strength of the Learning Code lies in its specific applications to the training/education, and the ease of modifying our delivery methods to comply with this new science.”

– Mack Weathers, Principal
School Ventures, LLC

“My company has been a contractor for the US Environmental Protection Agency since 1996. We’ve created national curricula in technical and legal programs of great complexity and political/social impact. Three days ago, we offered a workshop to professional staff and included, for the first time, concepts and research from the Learning Code.

The resulting learning experience was greatly enhanced, the core content was more easily understood and the learner satisfaction was remarkable to see. So the client was very pleased with the results, as were we.

But beyond these important indicators, much more took place: the science and research basis of the Learning Code brought additional interest and focus to participants. Energy and excitement filled the training space. There was a love of learning more about themselves and how better communication and impact can be achieved with others.

I’d say our initial and modest use of the Code material was a resounding success. We are quite sure we need to know more about the Learning Code and continue integrating Wilson’s work with our own.”

– Judith Blair, CEO
Brains At Work Corporate Training
Co-Creator of “The Accounting Game”
Designer of over 50 Learning Initiatives
More than 1000 trainers trained in Accelerated Learning Technologies

“I met JW Wilson, author of Cracking The Learning Code, last year. Since that time, I have put the Code to work in our consulting company, imbedding the Code’s principles into my training work and 4-Day Quality Learning Seminars.

My work focuses on improving learning organizations using Profound Knowledge principles from the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Marrying Profound Knowledge and the Learning Code has created a whole new revelation in how learning can be improved in all systems, from education to business, government, healthcare and service industries. I have seen immediate and dramatic changes with my clients (colleagues).

I have always received great responses from my training, and understanding and implementing the Learning Code has increased interaction with participants, created deeper intrinsic motivation for learning and developed new levels of applied knowledge of quality learning philosophy, tools and processes. I believe that if you put the elements of the Learning Code to work in learning/training environments, you will see immediate benefits. If you couple that with understanding and implementing Deming’s Profound Knowledge, you will see dramatic results. I have integrated the Learning Code elements into our Quality Learning tools and processes because I believe they work hand-in-hand to create an exponential learning environment. I will always include the Learning Code when designing any new training. I believe you will enjoy, as I have, learning to apply the Learning Code.”

– David P. Langford
President, Langford International, Inc.
Training over 35,000 professionals in Deming Principles

“Anyone who has ever worked in the health field has experienced the frustration of trying to get people to shift negative behavioral patterns into positive ones. Because of the low success rate, it can be a very depressing endeavor.

At The Lifelong Exercise Institute (LEI), we have finally found a scientific-based template that we can insert into our health programs so that people have the greatest chance at success. At LEI we take our work very seriously, and we will never again design a health protocol without first implanting the scientific-based elements of the Learning Code.”

– Sheri Colberg, Ph.D. , Executive Director
Lifelong Exercise Institute
Consultant to “America’s Biggest Loser”
Author of eight books including 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes and The Science of Staying Young

“Over the decades I have been privileged to work with educators, trainers and professional speakers who are constantly searching for improved methods of delivering information, knowledge and wisdom. Unfortunately, the old axiom has continued to hold true, ‘In a couple of hours you can inform. In a couple of days you can teach. But it takes a couple of weeks, if you’re lucky, to change behavior.’

However, the Learning Code is bringing about a sea of change. Universities and research centers around the world have focused on narrow aspects of learning and how to improve it, but no one had pulled all of that information together to build a powerful, comprehensive and breakthrough method for accelerating learning — until now. The Learning Code embodies the best scientific research on learning and behavior change. It combines these insights into a single, seamless and very useable instrument. I heartily recommend using this plethora of new insights to improve learning in any environment and for any audience.”

– Paul Kordis, Ph.D.
Internationally renowned expert in the field of creating profound change
Best-selling author of Strategy of the Dolphin, Name Your Passion: A User’s Guide to Finding Your Personal Purpose, and The Superhighway to Serfdom: How False-Social-Norms Marketing is
Hijacking the American Dream

“Great marketing is great education. It instills new knowledge in a way that promotes positive action. That’s why learning science is fundamental to marketing success. And the better the science, the better the results. Today, the frontlines of learning research are found in the Learning Code.

As a practitioner and educator in the marketing field for some 30 years, I can report that the impact of the Learning Code is transformative. This technology is the key to ‘active learning,’ where marketing and education intersect. If you want people to not only get information, but act on it, you have to master the Learning Code. For the savvy professional, owning the Code means owning the market.”

– Jon Ward, Branding/Marketing Development Design Instructor
Trump University
Co-founder of Click for Clients

“At Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!, we specialize in experience-based, or transformational, learning working with companies such as IBM, American Express and Boeing. We use music and the arts to take business people to the heart and soul of what their purpose is as a leader.

We are very excited about the science of the Learning Code as it allows us to have a deeper understanding of the neurological and genetic underpinnings of why our courses are so very successful. We are looking forward to working with the Advanced Learning Institute to marry the arts and learning science in such a way that more people understand why music and the arts should be part of any successful learning or behavioral change endeavor.”

– Kevin D. Asbjörnson, MIM, Founder and Principal
Inspire! Imagine! Innovate!
– Performing artist in residence at The Center for Creative Leadership
– 2010 Who’s Who in the World of Global Citizens

“The Leaning Code allowed us the unique and enlightening perspective of reviewing and thus further specializing our training programs through the eyes of science. We found the Learning Code to be a powerful diagnostic tool and a memory improvement process that helped take us as facilitators, and our classes, to a higher and more profound level of long-term learning.

One of the things I really appreciate about working with the Learning Code is that trainers/educators do not have to be experts in the concepts in order to immediately become more aware and thus effect positive change in their programs. From our experience, with only a few days of training in the principles of the Learning Code we could quickly and easily diagnose problems in our learning and behavioral change programs and begin to make constructive and potent design changes. Unfortunately many trainers, educators and facilitators operate in the dark because they lack the sound scientific principles found in the Learning Code.”

– Anitra S. Umbdenstock, M.Ed.
Facilitator, Developer, Executive Coach
Mountain States Employers Council
America’s Largest Employer Association

“JW Wilson gives new meaning to the old saying “Live and Learn.” Cracking the Learning Code is a breakthrough in the science that asks why each person learns differently. This information will serve to optimize the way we learn from experiences and accentuate how we experience learning.”

– Diane Friedman, Mind Works Yoga, Boulder, CO

“It is my opinion that every school district in America should be made aware of the innovative Learning Code science. Its Neuro/Genetic research has given us a wonderful template to follow and has helped us make a quantum leap forward in how we design and present our curriculum. It is allowing us to build our courses so that they fit the true needs, on every level, of the learner. Our students’ critical thinking skills are developed, their true passion for learning is engaged, and they experience more joy in the process. This new learning science is so powerful that to try to educate without an understanding of it is a disservice, not only to our children but to our world.”

– Nancy Monson, Director/Principal of Running River School, Boulder, CO

“The Learning Code is such a powerful tool it will become the cornerstone of the ‘Sciences for Humanity.’ It is the matching of neuroscience and genetics to human needs. The Code can be applied to disciplines such as training, education, leadership, creativity and innovation, marketing, and organizational and human behavior. Like the Intel chip, the Learning Code can quickly be implanted into any learning or behavior change program to make them state of the art.

My company, Boomcloud.com, was able to use the Code in the development of its customer engagement and marketing models. By understanding what attracts human interest and engagement (novelty, personal meaning, Alpha Dog genes, mirror neurons, etc.), we were able to design our website and business model in a way that ensured success. I would never consider doing anything related to marketing without deploying the cognitive and social principles of the Code.”

– George Moore, President