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The Scientific Breakthrough That Will Change How the World Learns

Cracking the Learning Code

Unleash the learning power encoded in your genes

JW Wilson

Executive Director of The Advanced Learning Institute

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Cracking the Learning Code is the culmination of over 20 years of scientific research into how to accelerate the speed of learning and enhance its effectiveness. The key finding is that each one of has a genetically implanted Learning Code, which must be turned on before we can create long-term memory and behavioral change.

Trying to effect long-term memory and behavioral change without accessing your biological Learning Code is like trying to open a bank vault with the wrong combination. It can’t happen.

The reason why the information in this book is so important and controversial is that it has the potential to revolutionize the way you learn and forever transform the way learning systems are developed.

When fully integrated and operational, the components of the Learning Code will facilitate astonishing advances in your speed of learning, depth of understanding and duration of retention. This is not a new “quick-study” gimmick or technique; it is your biological birthright, revealed like a picture in a jigsaw puzzle by fitting together thousands of pieces.

Ignorant of the code, our corporate and academic learning systems have failed to deliver the high-speed learning that you are biologically wired to achieve and that our society so desperately demands. Worse still, trying to stimulate learning without switching on the code is not only painful but can actually reduce your future capacity to learn.

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