About The Advanced Learning Institute


The Advanced Learning Institute employs the latest scientific research from the fields of neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, quantum physics, complexity science and chaos theory to develop and then implement cutting edge learning programs.

logosm[1]The Institute has discovered that in each one of us there is a genetically implanted LEARNING CODE. Trying to affect learning or behavioral change without first accessing our LEARNING CODE is like trying to open up a bank vault with the wrong combination. It can’t happen. When fully integrated and operational, the components of the LEARNING CODE can help facilitate astonishing advances in the speed of learning, the depth of understanding, the duration of retention and the intensity of behavioral change.

At the Advanced Learning Institute we work with business, government, and educational institutions in the fields of research and development of advanced learning technologies and teaching methods.Those who are interested in working with the Advanced Learning Institute to utilize its consultation services in the areas of learning techniques and methodologies of the LEARNING CODE are invited to contact us for further information. Contact us.